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If you have ever tried to change your behavior or habits, you know it can be an exasperating experience.  Experts from the various fields now tell us that as much as 95% of our behavior is driven by our subconscious mind.  It stands to reason then, that trying to change habits and behaviors without addressing subconscious patterns and beliefs can be like directing a bull by tugging on his tail.  Too often people try to rely on will power, and sometimes some do succeed, at some level.  The better path, however, is establishing a plan that is in tune with the way our mind works. 

Medical Support Hypnosis

Because the subconscious mind is so intricately involved in bodily systems and functions, strategies in working with the subconscious mind can have a greater positive effect on our health and physical wellbeing than most would imagine.  The most obvious actions would be in the area of stress management, but the possibilities go beyond that.  Consider just 3 of these areas:


Utilizing Hypnosis to create a state of calm and positive expectation for the surgery has been demonstrated in many studies to enhance results with accelerated healing, decreased need for pain medication, fewer complications, and even earlier release from the hospital.


As with surgery, approaching chemotherapy and radiation with the conscious and subconscious intention that "this is going to make me better" sets the stage for enhanced outcomes.  In addition, some side effects can be reduced or even eliminated.


Pain can be manipulated in surprising ways which offers the opportunity to address pain without medications, or at least with reduced medications.  There are no side effects, and regular ongoing costs can be reduced or eliminated.  When medication does not work, hypnosis is a viable option to use.

In the past 20 years scientists have learned much about the body mind connection.  In fact, some will now tell you that the two simply cannot be separated.  Unfortunately, the practice has been for centuries to not only see body and mind separately, but to treat them separately.  Now that we understand that the two are inseparable, it makes sense to approach our wellness together as well.  Hypnotherapy seeks to work in the context of body/mind.  We work with consciousness and allow the work to manifest the results as the consciousness directs.  The work maybe done as an adjunct to other practitioners, or as stand alone, depending on the client needs and situation.  Working with hypnosis and hypnotherapy is a learned skill, meaning that, as with other things in life, the more you put into it, the more you get back.  




The following is a list, though far from complete, of common conditions or patterns for which people have sought out and used hypnosis and hypnotherapy in some capacity:


Anxiety                                        Phobias                                         Performance issues (tests, sports, business, and more)

Weight Loss                                Relationship problems               Natural childbirth

Smoking Cessation                   Sleep problems ​                        Spiritual Development


Some physical Ailments that have responded positively to hypnotherapy sessions or support are:*

 Irritable Bowel Syndrome              Overactive bladder Syndrome                Asthma

*No specific claims are made


We humans tend to sabotage ourselves quite a bit, usually not knowing why or how.  Minding our own mind is about thinking about how we think.  In the wisdom community this is referred to as "being awake."  We go through much of our lives on autopilot, responding without thinking.  Our quality of life improves substantially when we act from a place of awareness. of not only our own "being," but more tuned into how those around us might be living out their lives.  I call it "being aware of our consciousness environment."  The bonus is that you not only improve your own life, but can contribute something positive to other's lives as well.  

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Jay Pullen is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, with an additional certification in Medical Support Hypnosis.  His passion is to support the healing process by working in the realm of mind and consciousness.  Other education includes a bachelor's degree in psychology.  Other interests include spirituality and nutrition. 

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